Batch Resize Photos in Photoshop CS3

Most of us who snap photos usually take those pictures on the newer cameras with bigger pixels. Though the problem is sometimes we need to crop the picture or rather resize the photos for public viewing on the Internet. Yes, one can do that one by one using Adobe Photoshop, and re-size them accordingly to one’s need. Though the problem happens is what if you wanted to resize, let’s say a thousand files?

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Here’s what TechieDan will be teaching you about. Batch Re-size

Step 1

Photoshop CS3 Instruction to Resize Photo

Open your Adobe Photoshop CS3 and proceed to File > Scripts > Image Processor as shown in the screen below.

Step 2

Close Up Of the Menu

Now Select Image Processor and click it. A screen would appear.

Step 3

Resize Photos

Here’s the desired screen to appear. Now just set the W (Width) and H (Height) respectively and the source and target location to for the batch re-size process. Voila, performance varies based on computer speed (RAM and Processor)

There are tons of other software out there that can do batch re-sizing. Adobe Photoshop is just one of the alternatives.


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