Major advantages of Migrating to Dropbox Business


Dropbox as a cloud storage platform had its beginnings mostly for personal use, soon evolving into one of the most efficient business storage platforms. Companies all over the globe, have gradually come to realize the amazing benefits which this cloud storage provides for their employees.

It not only offers unlimited space for storing data, but it also provides your team with the perfect online place designed for fast, secure and efficient collaboration. Both owners and employees are positively surprised by the amazing features this platform enables for its users.

You’ll no longer have to worry about sending large-size documents or being anxious because some members of your staff unintentionally deleted an important file. Dropbox Business has the power to retrieve deleted documents, function without internet connection and protect your data, all for an affordable monthly payment

Migrating to Dropbox Business! Should You?

If you’re thinking of migrating to Dropbox Business for a longer period of time, these major advantages are going to demonstrate the real change it will make for your business.

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Simple to use

Should you decide to commence using Dropbox for your business purposes, you’ll be glad to know that you are only required to open an account that automatically provides you with 2GB of free storage. Naturally, as you’ll require a much larger amount of storage, you can select some of the given business packages in accordance with your needs.    

After selecting the most suitable package, you are allowed to invite your employees to join the account and begin the process of file sharing while having all computers synchronized in order to track every alteration made to the documents. The greatest perk of this platform, which is undoubtedly going to facilitate the work of your employees, is the ability to send large-size files.

The days of struggling to send large files via e-mail are over. Your employees are only supposed to copy the link of the document or folder they wish to send to some other colleague or a client, paste the link into the preferred channel of communication and it will be sent in no time. Files can be sent via Dropbox regardless of the fact whether the recipient has an account or not. Moreover, the sender determines the action which the receiver is allowed to perform on the document.

Migrating to dropbox business

Team collaboration

Definitely, one of the most common reasons why business owners decide to migrate to Dropbox is the ability to create a comfortable online zone for their teams, without any obstructions in the process of sharing files and making updates. By using it, your employees will always be provided with the latest version of the files made by other team members, thus enabling a greater team cohesion and no excuses for not being informed.

Furthermore, team administrators are allowed to restrict access to certain files, making them accessible only for a limited number of team members. Also, in case you don’t wish your staff to send files to other people besides the clients and other employees, there’s an option to restrict sending files within the company. By giving access only to the right people, there’s a lower possibility of making errors which are likely to cost your business a lot of money.

Work while being offline

Contrary to the common belief that you can use Dropbox only when you have an Internet access, actually it provides you with an incredible feature of accessing files when offline. Your staff will be able to read or alter the files while they are flying to a conference or having a lunch break. However, the only thing which is required from them is selecting the documents they plan to access later.

Selecting the files will only take a couple of minutes, but it saves plenty of time. Instead of waiting to get internet connection, you’re able to get your work done on the way home on the bus and have the evening all to yourself. There’s an increasing number of businesses, taking advantage of this feature. If you want to become one of them, some companies acting like Dropbox partners such as, can ease your migration without requiring any particular involvement on your side.

Amazing back-up

One of the businesses’ worst nightmares is accidentally deleting an important file which unfortunately is a common practice in companies due to lack of focus or simple negligence. Nevertheless, Dropbox Business is designed in such a way that it leaves you with no reason to worry regarding file retrieval.

There is an automatic back-up happening while your employees are working on the documents, making sure that the latest changes are saved in case some computer breaks down or they accidentally exit the file. In the case of deleted files, the business package provides you with a four-month period of retrieving the missing document.

Sophisticated security

Any company whose work relies on sending and receiving important information requires a secure platform which enables safe file transfer. Dropbox is among the cloud platforms with the highest level of security, owing to its verification process which requires a two-step procedure before entering the account, thus preventing unwanted system hacks.

In addition, it uses special data encryption code which increases the security level to the same level as the one in the banks. Owners are presented with the option to use passwords, by placing them on certain documents or folders which aren’t supposed to be accessed.

Additionally, its back-up feature provides you with all the files from the previous 120 days, which is extremely helpful in case of a hack attack on your company.

Wrap up

Dropbox Business is one of the greatest platforms ever invented for facilitating work within companies. It saves time, increases productivity and most importantly it enables your staff to keep up-to-date with all required tasks.

The more you wait to migrate to Dropbox, the more you lose. Don’t hesitate, as this is the right move for your business!

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