Increase Your Website Hits has been around since 2008. After being in the long run in the market, traffic for this blog has been pretty decent. As this blog is hosted under a host provider, traffics are directed towards wherever the blog is hosted located.

I had complaints or rather suggestions that the website could be slow in certain parts of the world. Looks like, it is time to dwell on some possible solutions..

Standard Hosting Architecture

Before I go on ahead, how does one actually get a lot of website hits? A technical blog usually has more hits from search engines. You need to brush up on SEO techniques to be able to achieve the target you wanted. After doing so, what else? This is where is moving forward now.

Ever noticed why sites like Google provides fast searching queries?

Ever wondered why your emails from Hotmail, Gmail or all delivering your emails faster?

Now can you imagine if they are all hosted on a server and only one server?

That is what they have been doing; ensure that the customers and users will be able to cut latency as they browse through their site. Unlike google which has their own different servers in different parts of the world, I doubt that most of us normal bloggers and writers would be able to afford it. This is where alternative solutions would be to locate a company like Cachefly Content Delivery Network, using their besthop traffic management which directs traffic to the closest server which cannot be matched by traditional hosting.

CacheFly Architecture

I have gone through Cachefly‘s website and had a look at their demo and I must say I am mighty impressed with the architecture layout of how do they resolve the internet latency. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is definitely going to improve the speed in retrieving the data but the question now is whether does one require this service?

Of course this I would leave to each of his/her/company needs. The lowest pricing I saw was a $0.03/GB which is good, but also with a minimum purchase of 10GB which only cost like $0.30?


I personally think that this is more suitable for high traffic websites which comes from country that your website is not hosted at. Globalized companies would benefit more of a doubt so getting faster response time for the user will definitely improve the interest of a potential client. This is definitely one of the fastest way to increase website hits as users will want to visit a site which does not wait for packets to be sent and receive at a slow rate.


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