Gadgets Galore

It pays to learn more skills in blogging about gadgets. Sometimes finding the specifications of a certain gadget is easy if it’s a cut and paste, but experiencing what the real gadget feels like is a different part altogether.

Most of my gadgets that TechieDan reviews on this website, are first hand experiences with a little bit touch of whether is it economically safe and cheap. Let’s talk about browsers right now, the thickness of the battle between Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer is now being intruded with Google Chrome. Though, most of my visitors now hails from Mozilla Firefox due to it’s open source plugins and additional tools that come along with it. We try hard to find the Best extensions for Firefox but with the amount of extensions in the web, it’s bound not to be easy to review all of them.

The web now plays an important part of your website and buildup of it. There are many tools out there to see if you’re ranked amongst the top searches for SEO practices. Sometimes we need to check out if the site is cached by google well enough. Now if you’re using Firefox, they have the Google Cache Checker Firefox extension plugin available.

I am more of an open source guy, and I am sorry folks out there if the TechieDan is bias towards this, but so far extensions and plugins are only majorly supported by Mozilla’s Firefox.

Enough of Mozilla’s Firefox, remember I did a review on a Youtube converter tool that with this, you can also convert it to mp3 and other formats. If you need more formats and need a review maybe you can try check out this Blaze Media Pro review from Gadget Advisor. So far, this is what I call a proper review of gadgets which includes top priority gadgets and not just everyday news that I see everyday on forums.

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