G810 Samsung Wifi GPS

I am a ardent Samsung fan after like 5 years++ using Nokia as my leading brand for cellphones. Well this sudden change was due to the design and a sudden change of the old style nokia feel. Comparing to the Nokia N95, Samsung came up with the G810 as a challenger to that model.

Few words to say though, G810 has great specs for such a phone but in terms of time, it has fallen short due to the time it takes to unveil it’s new phone. Currently only available to the market in Europe, it will take some time before it hits the Asian market. Here are the specifications for the Samsung G810.

Samsung G810

Symbian 9.2 OS
5 megapixel camera 3x Optical Zoom Anti Shake and Face Recognition
FM radio
150MB Internal Storage

It’ll take some time for the G810 to challenge Nokia, but until then if you’re into PDA phone and can afford it, get the Samsung I900 though!

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