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What is PHP?

PHP, fully known as Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language developed by Rasmus Lerdorf sometime in 1994. It was initially known as Personal Home Page which explains why the acronym PHP does not correlate with Hypertext Preprocessor.

This multi-purpose language was originally meant for use in web development. As of today, this programming language has gone through many developmental stages from PHP 1 to PHP 7 and has gotten to the point where it is now used in so many other applications including those that operate outside of the traditional web environment.

This is not meant to be a technical article so we will not attempt to delve into the technicalities of this programming language that has taken on a really high level of importance in today’s tech space. However, if you wish to learn more about it, you can read this article here.

Benefits of PHP

There are a number of reasons why PHP has become as popular as it is today among developers. We will look the top ten of these reasons.

Open Source

Its strongest point has been the fact that it is open source, making it available to anyone for free and without any legal restrictions. This makes it readily available to anyone to use in any way they choose, including modifying it in any way they see fit.

Easy to Learn and Work with

Another major benefit that it provides is ease of use. This is probably one of the easiest programming languages to learn. This means that experienced users as well as beginners can use it with great ease.


You can run this program on any platform be it Linux, Windows or Unix. The simple fact that you do not have to use it only on a single or proprietary platform further makes it the programming language of choice for many.

Easy Connection to Any Database

Connecting with databases is a breeze with PHP. It does not only connect easily but also quickly. This solves a major problem that many data management systems face.


With PHP webpages load very fast. It is known to be among the fastest if not the fastest programming language currently available. From easy and fast connection to databases to prompt execution of commands and queries, it delivers an overall speed that is difficult to beat.

Ease of Testing

Testing is pretty easy with this program as the framework provides task automation. You can easily write sample cases to be used for the testing. It takes away a lot of the hassles usually associated with testing of codes.

Great Support

The kind of support any developer will get using this language is incredible. Remember that it is open source so developers all over the world are constantly using it, modifying it and learning its ins and outs. These developers form several communities online where they share what they know. These online forums provide the best support anyone could possibly ask for.


Using the model view controller in the language’s framework, maintaining it is very easy. It is really as easy to maintain as it is to deploy.


Having been around for quite a while and having gone through a number of developmental stages, a lot of the bugs that could cause instability have been fixed, ensuring it provides a high level of stability to support different applications.


Security is one of the biggest concerns of developers across the world. With threats that include forgery, SQL injection, data tampering and others, ensuring that applications get the very best of security is critical.

The PHP framework comes with features that make it very secure. This is another reason why a lot of folks prefer it.

The above are just a few benefits that this programming language offers. To learn about other benefits, you can check out this article here: https://www.zuaneducation.com/blog/benefits-of-learning-php/.

How to Choose the Right PHP Developer

Finding the right person to handle PHP development tasks for you should not be too difficult given how easy it is. That said, there are still people who will deliver on a much higher level than others. These are surely the kinds of folks you will want to work with.

The following steps should help you find the right person.

Ask for Recommendations

The first thing to do is ask people around you for recommendations. If they know anyone or company that can really deliver top quality results in PHP development, having them recommend such a one or company to you will save you a lot of time.

Search Online

If you do not get any recommendations from any of the people around you, then your next option will be to go online. Search for PHP developers and you will most certainly find a whole lot of them. Your challenge will be to sieve through the lot to find one that can deliver at the level you wish. One of the easiest ways of confirming their level of skill is to check out their previous work. You should only hire someone who has already done some impressive jobs and has great online reviews.

Use Online Market Places

Another option you can try is an online market place. On sites such as these, you will find developers from around the world offering their services. Even if you live in the U.S, you can easily find a top level PHP development company in India that will get the job done for you for far less than a U.S company may charge.

An online market place will also offer payment services that will protect your funds from fraudulent individuals. You will only get to pay for services rendered.


The world has certainly come to the point where no matter the business you are in, you cannot avoid using one form of technology or another. Whether for your website, web application, app of other applications, the PHP programming language might just be the little link that takes your business to an all new high.

Talk to an expert today and see how your applications can be improved for better service delivery. It’s all about efficiency and business growth.

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