WAMP Forbidden You don’t have permission


After installing WampServer 2.4, it seems that all is done and it is time to put your application or website online for the public only to face this issue.

Forbidden : You don’t have permission to access on this server

What? Well, looking it all aside, for a new developer and someone who is a new webmaster this seems like some problem with the configuration. So you go ahead and checked your WampServer and you see that it is on an offline modeĀ and then proceed to set it to online mode.

wampserver online

“Ahhh… that should fix it? Nooo…. why is it still not working? Didn’t I put it online?”

Hold on your horses, there are still some other things you have to configure. When installing WampServer 2.4 onwards, you have to go configure your Apache httpd.conf from the WampServer configuration.

Locate the following.

<Directory "yourfolder">
   Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
   Deny from all <!-- Change this to Allow from all -->

Yes, replace the Deny from all to Allow from all. After that restart your WampServer (or restart the Apache service) and it should now be working.

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