Effective Mobile Apps Monitoring

2012 is surely one of the year that everyone is looking forward to it. No, not because the end of the world is coming (definitely not as it is just a movie and a conspiracy by the researchers who has got nothing to report on) but because we all live in a modern new era. IT (Information Technology) by itself has been evolving over the years. Now the era has come for mobile technology and with the emergence of Android and iOS devices, a lot of things are so fast forward we can hardly keep track of usage and statistics of it.

Those days, we have software to monitor the efficient use of a system, website using another application, but how to do it for mobile?

Aternity mobile monitoring

Mobile monitoring is possible with the emergence of MFPI (Aternity Mobile Frontline Performance Intelligence). It can continuously collect detailed device, network and service metrics that can be the source of application performance and availability problems. This helps the market research team to gather their market requirements, etc. As always, as a concern for bloggers, analytic of their blogs are what they are most concerned of. MFPI is able to detect mobile application performance and availability problems while determining if there was any problems concerned.


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