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This marks the first android dedicated post to show to all Android enabled mobiles the abundance of Android apps out there. Everyone loves to take photos or at least have taken photos, some even use their android handset to capture photos. Then either one goes home and extract the photo out and do some Adobe Photoshop with it. Though, what if one wants to do it directly on their mobile?

PicSay Android

Presenting PicSay, which TechieDan has been using to modify photos before uploading them to Facebook and Twitter via mobile.

Instead of wasting time looking for a laptop or a personal computer to enhance your digital image and to re-size them, PicSay does it all for you all on your Android Gadget. The free version comes with the basic photo editing options that one needs.

PicSay offers 3 sizes for a photo, from

  • Normal 320 x 479
  • High 428 x 640 PRO
  • Maximum 725 x 1084 PRO

As seen though, only the first option is available for the free version. Here are some of the features that one can do with PicSay.

PicSay Transplant Pro

Amazing? Yes, only for the Pro edition. The very least this was what TechieDan did with the free version of PicSay.

PicSay Starbucks

All those cute photos are readily made available with PicSay.


Definitely a 9/10 for a splendid picture editing application for the Android. What more can one ask for? Application was tested on the HTC Hero which worked perfectly as of written date.

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