Problem installing Android SDK

If you have problems installing Android SDK, please do a an initial check and make sure you have the prerequisite requirements. Make sure you have a Java SDK installed which one can get from it here.

Now after downloading Android SDK (for Android developers and also initially for those wanting to root their Android phones), this is the initial screen.

Android SDK Install 1

Following that, click the Next button which the following screen should appear.

Android SDK 2

What is happening? After checking, it looks like the JDK was already installed on the machine. Something is not right here. Now here comes the fun part, click the Back button which should appear to the first screen and then click Next again. The screen which initially showed theJava SE Development Kit (JDK) not found is different now.

Android SDK Install 3

Oh, it is a bug in Android SDK Installer. This has got to be a funny mishap in the programming codes but then it is not something to be going gaga over though.

After this phase, just follow the screen and everything should be done.

Summary of the installation

Simple steps to follow.

Click Next > Back > Next

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