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An Android dedicated post once again. This time, if you’re a healthy person, what better way to do than to track all your exercises ranging from jogging, walking, cycling, roller skates and others. This time it’s a product from WorkSmart Labs, a product called Cardio Trainer.

Cardio Trainer Interface

On the Android platform, this is how the Welcome Screen of the Cardio Trainer looks like. A little bit about this application.

CardioTrainer is a free application for Android smartphones that let’s you track and record all of your fitness activity

Here are the functions of this application.

Cardio Trainer Functions

TechieDan has reviewed this application and has been using this application for nearly half a year and to think it’s impressive. One of it is the integration with Facebook that enables one to share their timing and route of the run.

Earlier versions had an error in determining the GPS, but the latest update from Worksmart Labs for Cardio Trainer has ensured that it’s good to use. This application is free to use and one can keep records of their fitness activity.

Special Note

This is how it looks on Facebook when Cardio Trainer is set to auto published the running time on Facebook.

Cardio Trainer Summary Report

Simple summary and definitely good to know. But what if one wanted to share out the whole running event and their race. As mentioned there’s this new integration and one can actually link Cardio Trainer with their Facebook profile. Here’s how it looks like.

Full Integration with Facebook

With details of the date, distance, duration, map and also a chart below, this describes how usable this application is on an Android device.


For the record, for usability am giving it a 9/10 for it’s ease of use and there are many more enhancements that could be done. Still not the perfect one yet. One of the best fitness app in the Android Market for now.


Upcoming features planned for this application would be to integrate it with Twitter. Something every social networker would love.


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