5 Tips to Keeping Track of Your Passwords

There are times when keeping track of one’s passwords can be a very tall task. The reason for this is because most of the time we have multiple passwords and we constantly have to change them. The increase in security breaches online has made password management on of the most important aspect. The fact that we have to create strong passwords which are comprised of different characters in different combination makes the job of memorizing them that much difficult. However that does not have to be the case as here are ways that you can keep track of your passwords.

Use a Password manager

There are services and software which are available which can help you keep track of all your multiple passwords safely. You can also get password manager software which is basically a digital vault that encrypt and store your passwords. The good thing about using this software is that it’s easy to use plus it makes password retrieval relatively easy.

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Write them down

The idea of writing down your passwords does not seem like a smart one but it’s actually. This is not the kind of writing that is written on sticky notes which you then stick to your monitor. Writing down your list of passwords should be treated like how you would write down and preserve important document. If you write your passwords down you need to store them in someplace which you know is secure and where if needed you can access them with ease. If you are to write down your passwords you should not keep them together as this means that if you were to lose them then all would be lost.

Use your browser

The popular browser we use like Firefox, internet explorer or Chrome has an in built feature which allows users to save their passwords.  You can create your passwords list and one master password. Now your job will be remembering the Master password which you can do by memorizing it. If you choose not to memorize it you can write it down and make sure that it is safe.

Encrypt your passwords

If you have a file where you have stored all your passwords it’s important to make sure that it’s not eligible to others. If you are to store all your passwords in the same place or if you are to create a list, make sure you have coded the list that no one can have access to it without decoding it first.  There are features in a computer which can help in decrypting file like the encrypt feature in Microsoft word.

Use trusted website

The other way you can keep track of your password is by using trusted websites such as Facebook or google to log. This is because these websites has your personal information and you can easily log into sites without having to key in your logins. This can be done by using the button “login with Facebook or Google”. This way you won’t have to worry about losing your passwords.

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