Display Known File Types in Windows

Some Window XP tips and tricks time. This time it’s just a simple display of how one can display the extension of a file in Windows XP. Well, why would one do that? Well, you can rename and hide your file by renaming the extensions and only you know how to open it.

Yes, if you don’t believe me, you can rename your file from a .mp3 file into a .txt file. Instead of using the hard to do way of renaming the file in DOS or with any other third party software, why not learn an easy way to rename the file name in Windows.

Currently tested on Windows XP.

Open My Computer >> Tools >> Folder Options >> View
Now UnCheck the “Hide extensions for known file types”

Display File Type

As seen on the image above, unchecked the box mentioned (colored in red). By doing so, you are now able to view your file types and do the necessary amendmants.

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