3 Useful Social Media Metrics To Start Tracking

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Whether your goals are meeting new customers or growing relationships with your current ones, social media metrics are critical to achieving these goals. From Instagram to Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest and now Tiktok, it seems the number of social platforms will just keep increasing. It can be overwhelming for even the most sophisticated organization. The good news is it’s easier than you think to find the metrics that matter. Here are three social media metrics you should be tracking.

3 Social Media Metrics

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1. Reach

On social media, reach is the number of people that have come in contact with your post. It is a great metric to measure your audience size. The social algorithms no longer only show your content to your followers, expanding the potential for posts to reach new audiences. Tracking the reach will show you how your audience is expanding due to your social strategy.

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2. Engagement

This metric gauges how well your content is resonating with your followers. Publishing quality content is a major goal of most social media campaigns. In fact, improved your social content strategy might benefit SEO. By tracking the posts that receive the most engagement on your social media accounts, you will be able to focus your strategy to include more posts your audience enjoys.

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3. Volume

More than just a simple count of social posts, volume measures the amount of conversation being had around your brand. If you have specific branded hashtags, this will count how often they are being used. It will also capture the number of comments and messages your accounts are receiving. Seeing an increasing trend in volume means that more potential customers are talking about your brand.

If you haven’t tracked social media metrics before, consider getting started with these three social media metrics today. Be consistent using the same tools to track each metric every month. Then you’ll begin to understand the impact of your social media campaigns.

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