How to Remove Nuffnang Footer Logo

I just had a conversation with someone in the blogging line regarding some hack for their ads display on their blog. You know, those ads that have the logo of the company at the footer of the advertise blocks, the question was there any way to remove that footer?

remove nuffnang footer

Many years ago, many people experimented with removing the ad footer of the advertiser agency. There were many ways in doing it. One of those ways was just by adding a display: none into the CSS of the element itself.

As we are talking about Nuffnang, we will use it for the case study.


Back then in year 2008 when Nuffnang first started, this was more than enough to remove the footer by itself.

#nnadsfoot {
   display: none;

Then the developers at nuffnang knew about it and developed a counter measure to that CSS hack where most of the CSS elements are now marked important

  display: block !important;
  height: 18px !important;
  text-align: right !important;
  width: 336px !important;


How to do it now? Here is one way you can do it. You can play with the margin of your blog and display. One such example would be:

margin-left: -2500px;

Unless you have a very ultra wide screen, the Nuffnang footer should now be gone from the screen.

Of course, here are some disclaimers regarding doing so for your ads.

While it may look neat on your site with the Nuffnang footer removed, here is a note from the founder himself, Timothy Tiah previously on the removal of the Nuffnang footer.

“Actually dude… if you footer is not there, any advertiser who wants to place ads on your blog and not be able to find our ad unit will think that your placement is bad (like somewhere hidden) and hence choose not to proceed with booking any ads on your blog hence reducing the chances of that you get any ads. Our staff will then mark all blogs with bad placements so if your blog is mistakenly marked with a bad placement then you will stop getting ads all of a sudden. So whether we change our code or not to include this small little thing is not the question but whether it’s worth doing this.”

Anyway, I am currently messing about with HTML5 and CSS3 for upcoming web systems that I will be developing. For the future of web developers.


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