PC Keep Resetting Time to 12:00

There is this case, when at first I thought something is wrong with the Personal Desktop that my uncle was using. At first diagnosed, it was thought to be a virus or something attacking the computer making the performance of it dropped.

This is the situation

At startup, the Bios comes to life and messages that it can’t detect the speed of the Processor and asks the user as to the speed of the Processor. After boot up to Windows XP, time is reset to 12:00am and date is on 2002 Jan 1 or any random begining date.

The Solution

It was mighty simple, go to a PC shop, enquire that you wanted to get the battery for the motherboard/mainboard. Then if you’re in Malaysia, it’ll cost roughly about RM5 for the battery. Replace the battery on the mainboard if you know or ask someone who is more technical to help replace the battery.

Basically the reason is the battery life is dead, and you just need to change your mainboard battery. Yes, it does have a battery for those that didn’t know. So if you faced this symptoms, don’t say I didn’t teach you.

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