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PayPal has a new policy for Malaysians. Rather it is a practice to identify your identity if you have reached a certain condition in their policy.

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One of them is when you have reached a certain amount in your PayPal and that is where your action is required.

paypal limitation malaysia RM5000

In short, if you have reached the milestone with an account balance of 5,000 MYR, your identity needs to be confirmed. Failing to do so would likewise limit your account. If you’re not sure what will happen when your account is limited, do review an old post here regarding PayPal.

Now what if you somehow forgotten about the time limit and your account is limited? Fret not, your account is limited but you are not able to withdraw funds but you can still receive funds until you resolve your limited account in PayPal. (By the way, PayPal and eBay are now separate entities if you did not know)

limited account paypal notice

Well, PayPal will then ask you to provide the documents for their verification once again. As the photo shows, if required documents are not provided within another certain time limit, the account would be further limited. How limited? Perhaps more identification would be needed to restore that trust in PayPal and your funds would be frozen thus no funds could be sent to your account meaning that your business could be disrupted. A major no no.

What needs to be done to ensure that one’s PayPal account is not limited?

It was clearly mentioned that they would need

  1. Proof of identification (ID card, Driving License)
  2. Proof of address (utility bill, bank account statement)

By providing the above, you will then ensure that the limitation to your account would then be remove in a few days time or maybe a week’s time.

An email would be sent out with an example as per following.

Our review is complete and we have restored your account.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for your help in making PayPal the safest and most trusted online payment solution.

What if I have changed my address? Or it does not tally with my ID card?

This is where more work is needed to restore your limitation. PayPal would review your account to ensure that you are indeed the owner of that account. I would suggest should one have previously stayed in their parent’s house and utility bill is charged under their name, do get one with reference to your name which means one with your father’s name for easier identification.

Though should any concern arise from your PayPal account, just log in to your PayPal account and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.


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