[Latest Buy] Expert Spring MVC & Web Flow

Being a techie, looking for new technologies and learning more about your area of interest is definitely one of the traits. Though, being a techie also makes one go through the internet to search for reading materials and tutorials in order to beef oneself. Buying a book seems a waste of money when everything could be sought after on the Internet.

Expert Spring MVC and Web Flow Book

TechieDan has got his latest bargain, in order to further strengthen his hold on Spring MVC, he got himself a book. Yes, a book bought straight from the store. Published by APress and written by Seth Ladd, Darren Davison, Steven Devijver and Colin Yates. The book is titled Expert Spring MVC and Web Flow.

Some people may mentioned why did I get the book instead of looking for resources online? Well, nothing beats the old school in me, reading anywhere I wanted, and flipping the pages and being in places where there’s no signal or internet connection. Also another reason, is that I got this book at a bargain price. It’s only RM40 (that’s like US $12++). The original retail price on the book is US $44.99. Not everytime you’ll have this bargain.

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