Keyboard Stop Functioning After BIOS

A strange thing happened today on my other personal computer. The keyboard wasn’t working when Windows XP was started up. Being a techie, TechieDan tried to change keyboards and also different USB ports to solve this mysterious problem. After trying countless times of solving the issue, still to no avail.

Keyboard needs help

Decided to try to go into BIOS and it looks like the keyboard is functioning and it’s working as was able to access BIOS by pressing DEL button (or any button for other PC). Here’s the solution for those not who have the same problem.

Look into Integrated Peripherals
Change USB Keyboard to Enabled

So it seems that this was the cause of it all. Surprisingly after logging in to Windows, it looks like there was a modification of the date and time of the Computer. Even the Floppy Disk error was prompted out after startup before this fix was implemented. My derivation is that there was a virus that ran that modification. At least the problem is solved right now.

Do share this method if you want to enable back the keyboard during Windows startup.

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