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First, a brief introduction as to what I is this post all about. Some of you who are still using blogger or blogspot would have just download a theme just like that. Now the problem is that you’re not that familiar with html and javascript and the layout seems to give some problem.

I used a blogger theme for my blogspot blog at Weird Daniel and here I will say what is wrong when I first pre-installed the theme. The blogspot theme is taken from

Error Shown On Title

Now lookat the post title, there are words which are undefined undefined undefined. It looks like that there is something wrong with it. Screenshot of the above was taken from the blog so it so happens as I was using the same theme, I will show you what it actually should display.

Fixed Post Error on InfoCreek Blogger Theme

Noticed that there are dates shown beside the button. Yes, now how to fixed it then?

Basically all I ever did was to change the Timestamp Format to the one below.

Edit : Thanks gregorule for rechecking for me, here is the right one instead.

Correct Fix Mode

Conclusion, why does it work when I change it to this? That’s because the internal script inside the theme needs the date to be in that format. So now you know! Hope this help those who are using this theme.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


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