HTML JavaScript Text Messages

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Creating a text message or some people can call it a Message Box is indeed something different from what it can do. Just view the example below.

To learn how to create this on your blog, have a recap from this blog entry.

Well, sometimes in a website, posting a message like this will often either end up good but mostly it will be irritating to the user. Though let us go back to the time when technology started with the mobile phones. Those days before the smart phone era, people were sending text messages to each another to save cost and it was one of the greatest inventions then.

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The text messages though are not encrypted and can be tapped into if one knows how to. Sometimes we wonder if the messages we send could actually be classified as private text message or is it good enough.

Getting back to our HTML Javascript Text Messages, it does not actually look like it is pleasant to the eye. Imagine the whole webpage displaying a text box message for every button clicked. This will induce some rage to the readers and then here we have it, a reader loss. One way of doing it is by picking up other skills like JQuery.

What is JQuery?

In my words, JQuery is animated javascript which allows more human interaction without destroying the user interface so severely. Unfortunately, TechieDan would not be able to showcase a life example on this web due to certain restrictions in the server for some security reasons. If you really haven’t got a clue, do check out for lots of example.

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