How To Backup Contacts to SD Card on HTC Hero

After using the HTC Hero for nearly 2 years, it seems that this phone really has some issues on memory space with every application installed only on the phone memory. It was also found out that one of the most disk space consumed was the contacts and also the sms/mms that were on the phone.

HTC Hero Reset

So in short, what can one do to clear the unnecessary usage of space. Do a factory reset? Well, it works but maybe just before you do that you would want to backup your contacts that are on the phone (yes, as some saved their contacts on the phone.. one of them would be me).

Surprisingly, after searching the web for solutions, most gave solutions of downloading an application which to me is tedious and unnecessary. The simplest way would be as followed

  1. On your menu, select People
  2. Press MENU and select IMPORT/EXPORT
  3. Export the phone contacts to SD card  (You can choose the option from your phone or your SIM)

That is all there is to it. Saving your contacts is easy. Now just backup your contacts and get it ready for import the next time you wanted to.

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