Getting Reliable but Cheap Hosting

After some time, TechieDan has been time and time again recommending servers for new bloggers who wanted to have their very own domain and start using WordPress. Though, time and time again, they would ask the same thing all over again. Questions asked are like

  1. Which one would be good?
  2. I want the cheapest one but good one too!
  3. CHEAP CHEAP but reliable.
  4. Easy to maintain and contact.

Considering all these options, sometimes I wished they could do some searching on their own, but you know how people are lazy (myself included) and that’s where since this is a tech blog, TechieDan is supposed to come out with recommendations and here are the options.

Many web host outside there are promoting what new users wanted but after looking through a list of them, I find that this site offers one of the best cheap web hosting package. Well, with a lot of varieties of different hosting packages with Linux, Windows, Coldfusion. I think the variety and the pricing really does fit well.

Host Nexus

What site? HostNexus with the tagline Empowering Websites Worldwide. One can try and if not satisfied there is always the 30 day money back guarantee. Though for new bloggers and those who wanted it cheap, the best option would be to get a Shared Hosting package. Here’s what it meant. It means your blog will share with other websites and blogs on the same server. Doesn’t matter though if your blog is not resource hungry. It’s the cheapest solution to a web host.

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