Fine Tuning MS Access Database Size

This happened recently, when TechieDan was modifying some data in the old MS Access 97 (yes, Microsoft Access 1997). Why Microsoft Access 1997 format? This is all due to the program using this database is running on the Visual Basic 6 platform. Sad, but programs like this still exist in the current working world.

MS Access 97 in MS Access 2010

Sometimes modifying the data and saving the database will leave a lot of overhead. Don’t believe me, you will see a spike in the file size even at times when modifying the database and then later saving it, and then revert back to the original values and then saving it one more time. The file size could change. How do you go around it then?

In Microsoft Access 2010, basically there is this capability to help compact your database size.

Compact Repair MS Access

Open the desired database, go to File and click the Compact & Repair button.

Voila, compact and space saving (not like it matters nowadays) done.

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