Crystal Report Sort Alphabetical Order

It has been a delight using Crystal Report for report generation, that it actually halves my job of generating a report every time using internal coding. Well, report generation has never been easier with Crystal Report. There were also a few exceptions as to why using Crystal Report is also a problem.

Crystal Report Logo

Some problems is that Crystal Report still does not support tables which is in a way makes it the least possible choice to have something to display in table format. Though let’s leave this as it is as this is one of the limitations mentioned.

Right now, let us look at how to sort your records in order. Why is this important?

For testing purposes, a database in Microsoft Access has the records in alphabetical order, problem when displaying it out on Crystal Report, the names are jumbled up and they are in an order which is unlike the ones we see in the database. Client requirements are that it should be in alphabetical order according to names.

Crystal Report Sample

Sample of a Report in Crystal Report without sorting

After getting the report, we want it to look like this after sorting.

Sorted Crystal Report

Sorted report in Crystal Report sorting

How to get it sorted right away?

Follow these simple steps

Go to Report > Record Sort Expert

Sort Expert Crystal Report

After that choose your desired sorting method and also by which column to be sorted with.

Crystal Report Sort by Fields

Didn’t know it was this simple? Finally, the report is now straighten out and sorted according to your needs.

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