Cheap vs Inexpensive Web Hosting

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Remember the SEO tutorial I wrote earlier. Well, some of you must have been thinking of getting a web host right now so that you can get better search, customized your own blog rather than use blogspot’s own blog platform. Let us get back to basics and let us look at what web hosting options we can look at.

Cheap web hosting is not the same as inexpensive web hosting. Cheap web hosting often involves a severe lack of features or limited platform compatibility. Cheap web hosting can involve tremendous loss and irritable visitors, meaning a reduction in customers when the web host’s servers are not operating: Your website is not available in search engine results pages, so surfers can’t find you.

Cheap web hosting can also entail unknown text and banner ads displayed and active on your site. In the end, cheap web hosting just isn’t worth the money.

Inexpensive web hosting, on the other hand, can make a world of difference, offering plenty of webmaster tools, and web design and hosting packages that make the website owner, the webmaster and visitors happy — and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and both legs either. Virtually every web host service has web hosting packages that offer tiered features and bonuses.

Many offer starter packages with simpler appearance and performance for those just starting in Internet marketing. Most services offer the middle-of-the-road design and hosting packages that offer a few more but still simply operated feature for slightly more per month or per year.

The top-shelf web design and hosting packages come with all the bells and whistles high-powered, high-traffic sites demand. Most also allow an easily managed venues to communicate with visitors and customers — a blog and social network site shortcuts.

How many times have you struggled to upload a plug-in from WordPress, the world’s top blogging platform?

How convenient would it be with a one-click installation that saves time, effort and the cost of renting an expert to do it for you?

Does your web host service make it that easy?

So finally, after reading through this article, have you made up your mind. I hope you are able to weigh the pros and cons of both hosting options.

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