Changing Date Format in PHP

I have been wondering how I can change my date Format in PHP. Seemingly as I have been very familiar with JAVA and JSP all thru my working life, I thought moving into php would be easy. So then I got myself involved into a simple assignment which I came up myself.

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Though searching for PHP help sometimes is a bit pain in the ass as I got to learn it all once again especially the syntax. One great function is the explode() function, but now though, I had problem displaying the date in the right function.

Unlike Java, I can use the SimpleDateFormat class to change my date into my desired format but not in php.

SimpleDateFormat dtFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(‘dd-MM-yyyy’);

PHP looks like no such function and there are loads out there using explode() function and recombine them later. There has to be a shorter way.

I finally found it and here’s the solution to it here instead.
Let’s say if you retrieve the date data from mySQL it will be like 2009-04-03 which is  format. Now I would like to make it 03-04-2009. Solution is stated below.

echo date(‘d-m-Y’,strtotime(dateVariable));

By using echo I can print out the date in that desired format. Looks like I have a long way to go in my PHP research and play.


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