The top 3 Star Wars Battlefront hacks of 2017

If you are an avid Star Wars follower, then you must be familiar with the thrilling shooting game series that is based on the highly acclaimed film franchise. The action-packed game entitled Star Wars: Battlefront was first released in 2004 for multiple platforms, featuring different single-player and multiplayer game modes. The fourth major installment, Star Wars: Battlefront II, was released in November 2017 by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. The game features two opposing groups set in various eras in the Star Wars Universe. Unlike in the previous versions of the game, Star Wars: Battlefront II features elements and characters in the prequel movies including The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

star wars battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront II is a straightforward game with a pretty impressive narrative supporting its unique gameplay. Unfortunately for beginners, learning the basics and mastering the game could take a little while. Some players use game hacks and bots to gain an advantage in the game. Although using them is not really illegal, using bots excessively is not a good practice. However, if you use them in a proper manner, hacks and bots can help you learn the game faster, get ahead of your competitors, and enjoy the game like never before.

Learn more about the top three Star Wars: Battlefront hacks of 2017 and become the most dominant player in your team.

1. Aimbot

Aimbot and wallhack features go hand in hand in the Star Wars: Battlefront game. The wallhack tool automatically finds an enemy target even when they are hiding beyond the walls and obstacles. The aimbot then locks the weapon in place and fires on your command or by hitting the key. You can set the aimbot to shoot on the head, torso, or randomly around the enemies body. To keep you undetected from the watch of the game moderators, smart aimbots mimic natural human movements and only shoots when the target is within range and is visible for your character. This hack is definitely a must-have whether or not you are an experienced sharpshooter.

Other hacks related to this type include No Spread, Instant Reload, 2D Radar Map, Custom Crosshair, and much more.

2. ESP

ESP hacks work like a monitoring tool that lets you know all the important information about the players and your surroundings. This feature lets you know whether someone from afar is an enemy or an ally. It allows you to view the name of a character, its distance from you, and their remaining health. In more advanced ESPs, the selected type of weapon can also be shown in the same window as the game client.

3. Unlock Features

A Star Wars: Battlefront hack package will not be complete without a complete unlock feature. The unlimited health bar and unlimited ammo are easily detected and patched by game moderators, but hacks such as an unlocking tool often go for months or years without getting detected. This feature allows you to use all available characters and weapons without having to pass through all the difficult stages. In this way, you can get more practice quickly and more effectively.

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