Work is work but Health is Important too

As we grow older, working is an integrated part of life, we work day in day out on working days. Observing the trend in the IT world though, most of them work more than the working hours, which sometimes one could find endangering their life in the coming future. Well, the effects will come sooner or later if no treatment or plan is in mind.

Though, it is also due to there is no control over the amount of work needed to be done as the demands of the company is high and thus starts the deterioration of a person’s health. At times like this, many people keep close contacts of physician and doctor in case of emergency. Even my family also have a list of all our physicians’ contact.

If you really think this is also how you felt, then here I will present to you a compilation of national doctor lists for your own perusal. Well, never hurts to have a list of contacts in case of emergency. If you are flying from one end of the States to the other end, this is indeed one useful list. You may refer to the image below for more details or direct yourself to the link.

Doctor List

Of course, for guys if you do get a pretty female physician then I guessed you will be cured from all diseases.

Pretty Doctor

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