WhatsApp for Android

Android users, Whatsapp, the application that is the craze for those iPhone and Blackberry users is now available for Android users.


Save money on your SMSes with your friends that are using WhatsApp. Android users can now download WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Preview

Noticed this familiar application running. Now what about other operating systems like the Symbian OS from Nokia? It’s also now available for beta testing.

WhatsApp Android and OVI

No mentioned on the website of WhatsApp as to where to download the Android version, unless you’re following their twitter at @whatsappinc.

Android users please download them by browsing using your Android browser at http://www.whatsapp.com/android/

Note: As of now, WhatsApp for Android only supports Android 2.2, so Android 2.1 users and below would have to wait for upcoming support for WhatsApp for Android 2.1.

From the website if using Android 2.1 from my HTC HERO.

>>> Sorry, your current Android OS is not supported yet. Only Android OS 2.2 is supported at the moment. Support for Android 2.1 is coming soon.

Minimum Requirements

  • Android OS 2.2 or above
  • Unlimited internet data plan

Let’s cross our fingers for those using the older OS.

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