TweetDeck Twitter Desktop Application

Most of you have heard of Twitter. One of the finest all in application to use with twitter is TWEETDECK. TweetDeck is an application where one can link their twitter profile with it. Not only that, Facebook, Foursquare, MySpace all can be link with TweetDeck in order for one to get in touch with the cyber world.

TechieDan had this installed on his machine for awhile and finally got to use it as previously access to Twitter was blocked. Updating TweetDeck is easy and remember to have Adobe AIR installed to get the updates.

TweetDeck Update

It only takes awhile to update. Good to know that TweetDeck supports multiple accounts. How to add these accounts?

TweetDeck Add Account

Go to TweetDeck Settings and under Accounts > Add New Account. There will be options to add what type of account ranging from Facebook, another Twitter account or others like LinkedIn, MySpace and Foursquare.

Advantages of Using TweetDeck

Another superb function for TweetDeck is the option to schedule your tweets before posting them up. Ever wondered how some people can tweet the whole time at certain time and period, that’s where Tweet scheduler is for.

Schedule Tweet

Now you can just be like someone who would want to tell out something at a certain time period or one can annoy your followers with multiple instances of the same messages which could caused one to unfollow (highly recommended not to annoy your followers)

Amazing application, definitely a first 9.5/10 from TechieDan for this amazing application. Many more functions to explore, if you have any trouble using this application, you may enquire here. Now where to get this amazing application?

Just get it from TweetDeck official website. TweetDeck not only comes in as a Desktop Application, they also have it for the iPhone and iPad variety. Why not get this wonderful app then?


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