Stop Feed on Facebook Notes

Most of us have heard of Facebook. Yes, it was just barely a year ago, techieDan started toying with Facebook. Tinkering here and there, unbeknownst and added blog feed to the notes application. Ever since Facebook has now become a phenomenon, these blog urls are now a pest to my own blog SEO, as people wants to see on facebook rather than the blog.

This time, here is a simple way as to how to disable automatic blog feed retrieval for Facebook notes. Simply go to Notes application and on the right side which displays Note Settings, click into it and from there you can finally end the duplicate data you would not want to publish everytime.

This is the typical screen.

Import Blog

As simple as A-B-Cs. All it need is a press of a button.
Ps: This procedure can also be done if one wants to insert another blog feed URL (only 1 blog feed is allowed)


  1. Jayce September 8, 2009
    • techieDan October 23, 2009

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