Proven Set Up JDK in Eclipse

Java enthusiasts and coders and programmers alike, how many of you are using Eclipse as your IDE to do your codes. For those in the Java field but still trying to find a good IDE, I would recommend Eclipse. Just so happens that Eclipse codename their newest version with Galileo. Instead of versifying their release, it’s now codenamed.

Here’s the part of a Welcome Screen once Eclipse is freshly installed.

Eclipse Galileo Java

As a Techie, TechieDan will show how to setup your Eclipse to run with your JDK or in other words your JDK in Eclipse IDE. By default your IDE will try to run with your JRE, but by doing so you will be limited with the stuffs you can do without the whole JDK package.

How to setup your JDK in Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse Menu Preferences
setp JDK in Eclipse JRE settings
Include JDK 6 Eclipse
  1. From the above screen, once Eclipse is started up, go to Windows Option > Preferences.
  2. Look for Java > Installed JREs.
  3. Click on Add > Next (Standard VM).
  4. Then Locate Directory of your installed JDK. Then clicked finish.
  5. Finally the screen will return back to the selection of JREs, now select your JDK option.

As can be seen from above, TechieDan is using JDK 6 to compile and run the Java programs.

New Updates

Dated September 28th 2019, Java has come out Java 13. If you are still in Java 6, I would recommend to learn the next version which is Java 7 as it comprises of many changes to the language syntax.

An example would be the new try catch block and the new switch statement. These are the changes which helps the developer or programmer to actually complete their software development. Of course, it is recommended right now that anyone learning Java should learn at least Java 8. Most questions by companies for an interview now predominantly uses Java 8 as their base for questions.

Why use Eclipse?

  • It’s free
  • It’s open source – additional programmers from all walk of life.
  • It integrates with lots of other plugin
  • Other than Java, there’s also an Eclipse IDE for C and PHP

Now that I have setup my Eclipse, what else should I do?

Well, this is where you should start learning how to write and begin writing a simple Hello World java program.

Mentioning about Eclipse, where to get this marvelous IDE?

The only place to get it all is at Eclipse’s main website. To download the IDE go to THIS LINK.


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