Personal Thoughts on Technology

This blog might be technical, but it’s good to get to know what makes me technically incline to post about technical stuffs here. One thing though, no matter what people say or do, technology is never enough. You can actually see in this world that technology is rapidly evolving. Well, they even have robots that are so going to emulate humans.

My opinion is that this will benefit mainly in terms of less work for human error and more to machinery expertise to help to do the job. The consequences though is that we are going to be lazy every moment of our life. No wonder now we have cases of younger children getting obese at a super super young age. All because they just sit in front of the pc and do nothing else but play games or rather those that play with console games most of the time.

I admit I am a tech enthusiast but I do order my life to be balanced between outdoor sports and tech life. Well, I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to enjoy outdoor life while we all can, don’t we?

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