How To Add Remove Programs in Vista

Windows XP has always been the most convenient of all Windows platform. Suddenly Windows 7 made its debut. Surprisingly those using Windows Vista had trouble adapting to this OS (Operating System) since certain menus appears differently compared to Windows XP. An example is to how to Add/Remove Programs in Windows Vista.

The problem happened when a user was so used to Windows XP, he/she was looking for the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Somehow the icon is not there? Where has it gone to? Fret not, Microsoft has renamed it’s Add/Remove Programs in Vista as Programs and Features.

Control Panel Remove Programs Vista
Fig 1 : Select Programs and Features

Uninstall Program from Vista
Fig 2 : Uninstall Program (Example Twibble as seen above)

Steps in text listed below

Open Control Panel.

Locate Programs and Features.

Finally choose the program you need to uninstall.