How Dual Monitors Can Increase Productivity

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If you spend a lot of time working in front of a computer screen, you can increase your productivity by as much as 40 percent by using two monitors, regardless of the work you do.

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Dual Monitors Setup

Dual monitor setups are common today with monitor prices dropping and compatibility and configuration issues no longer existing. You can find more information on the internet on setting up a dual monitor layout. Working with two monitors can benefit most any computer user, but some more than others.


Managers and other office workers can view a long spreadsheet across both screens eliminating the need to scroll left and right. They can also work with multiple programs such as a database, word processor, and spreadsheet on the screens without having to switch, open, or close them. Or they can have multiple internet browsers and email accounts running across the two screens.

Writers and Editors

Many writers like working on an uncluttered screen. By using two monitors, they can display and work on their main document on one screen, while keeping notes and resource material on the other. Editors can have more than one document opened at a time, which makes it easier to compare edits.

Video Editors

With today’s feature-heavy video editing programs, video editors require a lot of screen space. A dual monitor setup allows them to have a clean timeline and preview screen on one monitor while keeping all the editing and special effect tools on the other.

Photo Editors

Photo editors can benefit from dual monitors in much the same way as video editors. Photo editors can also view and compare multiple photos and edits at the same time.

Graphic Artists

Graphic artists share the same advantages as video and photo editors, and as with writers, benefit from having an uncluttered screen to create on.

And Finally For Fun

Computer users who multitask can appreciate being able to work on one screen while watching full-screen videos or playing a game on the other.

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