Advantages of Registering a Domain

Blogging has been phenomenal, well, not really, it used to during those days when it first started. Nowadays there are things like micro blogging and social media but then blogging is still around due to the intensity and the diversified information in a blog.Domain Name

Most people blog with free blog providers like blogger,, xanga and other forms of free providers. Perhaps there are blogs who can survive by using these free providers to blog but then there are also disadvantages, more specifically if you’re into creating better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), setting your own javascript in the same blog page and hosting your own files which most blog providers could not do it for you.

This is where buying yourself and registering a domain for your own personal blog would be so called a great upgrade compared to a free provider blog address. Imagine techiedan running on blogspot and with no domain registered, it would have been but a name like will make it standout (there’s also no extra typing required).

Another fine thing by getting a domain on your own is that you can take part in most of the services provided by link services (you can message me more information for this though).

Convinced? So how to get the cheapest domain name registration around the Internet? Well, that all depends on the time and also the research being done. Of course, you can also register with your local service provider to get a domain but price wise, it might not be cheap.

After getting a domain, then it is time to also upgrade your platform for blogging by getting a server as a host. That will be the most beneficial of it all. But then, all this will only be worthwhile after you have already first got your domain.

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