Daniel Chew is TechieDan

TechieDan.com was obtained on December 24th 2007 with the purpose of reviewing Technical issues regarding softwares, hardwares and all those associated in the technical aspect of life.

With the first year coming to an end, TechieDan aims to be one of the top pioneers in providing information to online tech enthusiast with information gathered from various writers and reviewed again by the author of this site. With this in mind, a chance of mistake is minimized for the benefit of it’s readers.

TechieDan’s real name is Daniel Chew. He is also a lifestyle blogger, photographer, Java programmer and also a social media enthusiast. After writing so many years under the name of TechieDan, it is believed that now is the perfect time to reveal myself as the blogger behind this technical blog. This is in lieu to SEO search and stuffs.

To find out more about me, you can also visit my Google+ account.