4 Tips to playing Black Squad

Black Squad is a free-to-play first-person shooting (FPS) game which was developed by NS Studio and subsequently released as a beta version on the 28th of July 2017 by Neowiz (an online game publisher based South Korea). The game, which was previously known as Viper Circle, was initially released to the public in 2013 and has since undergone modifications to feature elements of modern military warfare. Black Squad’s storyline mainly revolves around two opposing teams – the Viper Circle and the Peacemaker. Viper Circle is a terror group which is notorious for organizing criminal activities to increase their wealth. The Peacemaker, on the other hand, is an anti-terrorist squad created with the help of the United Nations primarily to stop the Viper Circle.

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Players can get to choose between the two opposing teams and battle on different maps. You can either spend your gold to lease weapons or acquire them permanently using the medals that you earn in the game. There are also ten different game modes, and daily and weekly challenges to help you master the game.

Even with just a few months since the release of the early access version, Black Squad continues to draw thousands of FPS fanatics from all over the globe. Mastering the game is actually doable if you have enough patience, practice a lot, and take note of a couple of tips. Use these four helpful tips while playing Black Squad and start enjoying the game like never before.

1. Take advantage of Special Combat Skills.

Special Combat Skills, also known as Killstreaks, are additional features that reward players with passive and active abilities in the Battle game mode. By advancing through the in-game ranks, a player can unlock all Special Combat Skills from the four types: Assault, Support, Combat, and Recon. A player can equip up to four abilities which cannot be replaced until the match ends.

2. Learn the Black Squad’s playing style.

Like any other FPS games, Black Squad also has its own game mechanics. You may have seen tagging or the brief inability of a player to move and stabilize after being shot in other FPS games such as Counter-Strike. This feature is absent in Black Squad, making the run and gun playing style highly efficient to use in order to get as many kills as possible. Snipers, meanwhile, are great to counter run and gun players with its one-shot kill ability.

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3. Master the weapons.

Although most of the weapons in Black Squad are currently undergoing balance changes, it is still essential for you to become accustomed to the weapons. Snipers, as said before, are recommended for sharpshooters with its large hitbox, ability to kill with a single shot in the upper torso, and its high accuracy. Black Squad submachine guns also have large spray patterns, making them useful for close quarters battles. Explore more weapons in the game including machine guns, shotguns, pistols, grenades, assault rifles, and more.

4. Install the latest Black Squad hack. (Don’t do this except for testing)

Get that defining advantage in the game by installing the latest Black Squad hack. We tried this Black Squad cheat from IWantCheats, and the results were pretty impressive. The hack’s main feature is the ESP which keeps you aware of the enemies lurking around whether they are far away or hiding behind walls and obstacles. It doesn’t have an aimbot, which actually makes it more competitive yet exciting to play the game. Its triple layer security and undisruptive display also make it one of the most secure and best undetected Black Squad cheat code to date.


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