2 Colums or 3 Columns

Personally, some people find that on a site, it’s wise to design your blog into a 2 column blog. Though times have changed, there are even four column blog themes. But then that’s out of the topic.

To me I personally feel that I have a balance of both 2 and 3 columns amongst all my blogs. Well, having said that, it all depends on your taste or whatever you’re blogging about. Some even put their blogroll on the main page, which I presumably would ensure that this kind of blog needs a 3 column theme.

Practical isn’t it? Well, why do you chose a 3 column, 2 column, sometimes is just a mystery. But I’ve a 2 column blog theme modified on the design. The problem is how do I create the Blog Theme Viewer for others to demo. This is getting on my nerve.

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