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Control Our Pollution

Posted by : | On : 01-08-2013 | Comments (0)
Control Our Pollution
We all have been working so much that sometimes we do not really pay heed to what is happening around us. Technology advances as time goes by but so does pollution gets weirder and different too. Those days smokes were apparent when there are some technologically advance mechanism, but how about now? Controlling the air pollutants and emissions is paramount to our getting the global warming and other environmental issues under control. Because of increased air pollutants and increased industrial needs, most governments in cooperation with industrial leaders have set specific emission standards, which highly regulate the pollutants released by automobiles, vehicles but also in industry related processes where power plants, heating equipment and generators are used, and where these can emit air pollutants into the air when left unregulated. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers from serve to control the VOC emissions and pollutants some industry manufacturing plants emit. In fact, regenerative thermal oxidizers are a cost-effective method of controlling and often a better solution for the control of these emissions. These provide efficient control for hazardous air pollutants, volatile organic compounds and other emissions used in a wide variety of processes. Combustion Controls Solutions and Environmental Solutions is a pioneer and leader in the production of regenerative thermal oxidizers and catalytic oxidation systems that control air pollutants. Using the latest...

Technology is Moving Fast

Posted by : | On : 25-09-2008 | Comments (0)
In terms of your thumb drive, previously, it cost a freaking RM140 for a 126MB thumb drive 3.5 years ago. Fast forward to our timezone now, one can get a 4Gb thumbdrive for a cost of RM40. Times have changed, technology has evolved. Storage space is now not only comes in compact mode, it’s big and with more chips invented, there is more to come with the 16Gb already out in the market. Those days we don’t hear of Hard Disks at 1TB(TerraByte) for sale but now even a 500Gb is for sale for only RM300++ roughly about USD80-90. With further more expectations of the human population now, technology has evolved. It looks like more technical needs are needed these days. addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Technology+is+Moving+Fast'; addthis_pub = 'danielctw';