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Instagram for Android

Posted by : | On : 04-04-2012 | Comments 4

Finally it’s here. After staying up until 2:30am Malaysian time, Instagram for Android is finally here. Long gone are the days where Instagram are only good for iPhone users and this time it looks like iPhone users can’t say Instagram is only for their use.

Instagram for Android

Users of Android systems can now go to their market or as the new one mentioned as Google Play to download the desired app. If you required it to be install later, just click the image above to get the Instagram for you Android.

Note: Instagram for Android caters for newer devices with Android 2.2 and those that support OpenGL ES2. So do check if your device supports it. Although you can also check it when you go to Instagram download area to see if your phone supports it.


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(04) Comments

  1. Have been waiting for Instagram for Android from so long. Finally it arrives. Thanks for share.

  2. Brin Dekovski said on

    Finally! Instagram for Android, long overdue!

  3. cassie said on

    how can i check my phone to see if it has OpenGL ES2 because i have a zte 2.3 and it says that my phone is not compataible to get instagram any help please

    • techieDan said on

      Hi cassie,

      I would think that there are certain fixes for Instagram as they slowly cater to the newer phones. There is another alternative which is a forced installation by downloading instagram directly and using the package installer to install it directly to your phone.

      A side note though, using filters will cause the application to crash. So until Instagram fix this issue, this issue will be an issue

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