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Wired Connection – Artnet 8 Port Switch

Posted by : | On : 23-10-2008 | Comments (0)
Wired Connection – Artnet 8 Port Switch
Before my wifi modem actually came to my house, TechieDan was actually using a wired connection between his computers and his other laptops at home. Well, the rest used by other family members of course. So the whole thing was a a wired connection which is linked by one device called the Switch. Most people have their modems with built in router which supports up to 4 ports. Mine didn’t have one so I bought a switch instead. It worked perfectly fine for me. The ArtNet 8 Ports Switch is just a simple device which just act as a connector between network lines and the modem. In other words, it doesn’t have the functionality of a router which can limit the amount of bandwidth used. So having a look at the back of the switch, you’ll noticed the 8 ports. Basically they all have the same function. There is no separate port for the modem to connect to. If you really need extension to your network cabling needs, get a switch. Of course, would rather recommend you to go wireless. But then, if one really need a stable faster transfer speed between networks, yes, opt for cable instead.

Cheapest Sensonic Laser Mouse

Posted by : | On : 19-10-2008 | Comments (0)
Cheapest Sensonic Laser Mouse
TechieDan was actually looking for a MOUSE (the technical one) , maybe an optical mouse for his own personal desktop computer at home. While shopping in the All IT Hypermarket, his eyes was upon a word on one of the label. A RM19 mouse, a laser mouse? Is that really true. After all this while, there wasn’t a Laser Mouse that cheap, thus he bought one home to test it out. Guess what? It worked and so far he’s satisfied with it ever since. Not bad for a RM19 (equivalent to USD5) laser mouse. So if you’re looking for a cheap laser mouse and you really couldn’t find it, TechieDan recommends Sensonic Laser Mouse, claims to have 900 – 1600 DPI. Well you can actually set it on the switch below the mouse surface. Edit : The model of this mouse is LS7. Though judging from new searches on the Internet, it looks like the price for this mouse went up to RM45 (about USD15) . There isn’t anymore of this model in LowYat plaza to be found.

FeedBurner Gone Error 500

Posted by : | On : 17-10-2008 | Comments (0)
FeedBurner Gone Error 500
Seemingly, it’s another bad year for me. Or rather a bad few days. I had a complaint from one of my online contacts that my Feed wasn’t showing up well, so I went to search over the Internet the causes of it. I thought it was a temporary glitch on Feedburner. Little did I know, it was more than that. After that my readers all didn’t get their feeds for a long time and I got this error screen Bang! Kapowww! Krakk! Error 500!! Now you’ve seen it, how the heck did I rectify this error then? Solution well, I did finally fix this error. I found out the culprit was the translator plugin which I put on and that somehow affected my Feedburner and made it gone haywire. So now whenever you have this error, check for your latest plugin in your wordpress that you’ve inserted. A code there might affect the Feedburner from doing it’s job. I hoped my experience helped you people out there

Petrol Price Drop Another 15 Cents

Posted by : | On : 15-10-2008 | Comments (0)
Finally the RON97 normal petrol price has dropped once again in Malaysia. Now instead of paying the usual RM2.45, it’s now RM2.20 per litre. This at least helps me to budget for my upcoming mini server and a whole new PC as I am still using a AMD Sampron machine which is like 2 to 3 years old. How can a techie like me not keep up with the times. It’s good news, I guessed I should treasure it and save on my gadgets for the coming future.

WordPress 2.7 Upcoming

Posted by : | On : 12-10-2008 | Comments (0)
Surprisingly, when we heard of WordPress 2.6 out, we thought, it’ll take a while before the next version of wordpress will be out. But after like a few days after the launch of WordPress 2.6, the guys are already talking about WordPress 2.7 in development and testing. It gives me great wonder to assume that sometimes certain features are pre-planned ahead as to what is needed for each version and improving the WordPress engine slowly but surely. But what can I say, I’ve been a happy WordPress user ever since I shifted from Blogspot to here. Well, WordPress was easy to install and to configure. Gives me flexibility too.. So are you a happy WordPress User too??