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Time To Sleep

Posted by : | On : 03-05-2008 | Comments 5

I have been missing from photohunt here for a very long time, that is all due to the work I am trying to pile myself with. Well, been looking through php and java codes that I kind of forgotten the time. So here’s the photo theme for this week.

Now can you imagine it’s now 3:18am when i took this shot for this theme. I should be sleeping but instead I am still researching some programming stuffs. Guessed it’s time to get myself some beauty sleep eh.

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(05) Comments

  1. carver said on

    That’s a good shot but a very late or early hour depending on your point of view. I hope you can get some sleep.

  2. jmb said on

    I hope you don’t have to get up early. Good take on the theme. Have a good weekend.

  3. ann said on

    Hope you sleep well! They always said great minds don’t need as much sleep and you probably have enough beauty…LOL

  4. sarge charlie said on

    maybe it is time to go to bed

  5. bengbeng said on

    may yr beauty sleep bring u beauty hahahahahahahaha

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